Originally posted at College Football, Rootedness and the Gospel I love the color orange.  But, let me be clear, not just any tint of orange, Tennessee Orange ( PMS 151, CMYK: 0/50/100/0, HEX: #f77f00).  I’m well aware that to most outside of the state of Tennessee this color is horrific.  But this unique color, symbolic of fall in East […]

I recently wrote a post on racism in light of the tragedies in Ferguson, Missouri. It was featured on the following sites. Prince on Preaching  The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission  The tragedy of Ferguson has angered me in many ways. I have been angered by the fact that an unarmed black man was shot […]

“Dad, can you explain circumcision?” At this point, I realized that our family’s goal to read through the Bible together this year was going to be interesting. We read the Bible together often. However, I now realize without knowing it I’ve been far too selective in our readings. Halfway through Genesis, God’s plan to fill […]

Pastor, as a minister of the gospel, are you willing to lead in the crucifixion of racism in your church? It’s this question that Pastor David Prince ask in the article: “A call for gospel audacity: Crucifying the color line one pulpit at a time.”  I fear the Christian conviction and moral courage of a […]

Among other things, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail,  called upon the church to move against racism.  The letter served as a rebuke to preachers of the gospel who sought to relegate civil rights to a ‘political’ issue to be handled only in courts of law.  This paragraph served as an indictment on the church […]

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Thankful for BP promoting our work in Cordova, Peru. Remote Village Spiritual Battlefield for Church      

I cannot stand Alabama. I love to see them lose. That’s why its hard for me to admit that I think AJ McCarron should  have won the Heisman.  At the time, I was kinda glad that he didn’t win it. But over the last few weeks I’ve realized he was the best choice for the […]

Darrin Patrick’s A Dudes Guide to Manhood releases on January 2, 2014.  It’s the latest book that seeks to address the lack of biblical manhood in the world and in the church with the gospel. Here’s a video of Patrick’s interview about the book on Fox and Friends. Here’s a review of the book at […]